About us

S&P Pharmaterra is a full service CRO focused on providing the highest quality clinical services in Central & Eastern Europe.  Since 1994, S&P Pharmaterra has managed over 200 clinical trials in Central & Eastern Europe and worked with a very wide variety of clients, ranging from small North American biotechs to large, Japanese based pharma companies.


Our focus is quick site start up time coupled with rapid patient recruitment. This is why we are focused on Central and Eastern Europe. No one understands the clinical trial landscape in this region better than S&P Pharmaterra. Since our founding in 1994, S&P has always delivered the highest patient recruitment and the shortest study start up times.


Global clinical trials are a sophisticated business. Besides patient recruitment, many other pieces of the puzzle must fit exactly in place.  This is why we are one of founders of the Clinterra Research Network. an extensive global network of vendors who deliver the highest quality services in their focus area. No matter how challenging your clinical trial needs are, S&P Pharmaterra can meet them. From protocol development to the final report you can be sure that the best professionals work for your project.