Trial performance

Ultimately every clinical trial is about data collection. While recent trends to electronic CRFs are very helpful in collection of data, still there are quite many issues not to be taken lightly. Company in charge can have state of the art EDC, IVRS/IWRS but still human factors play extremely important role.

  • Tracking of site performance
  • Collection any additional data needed by Sponsor
  • Assistance with access data to different databases
  • Analyze of sites performance
  • Identification / Resolution of major blocks
  • Training and retraining of Investigators
  • Assistance with querying and queries response

This list presents most common issues that can arise during the trial. In fact every trial is different and presents different problems with data collection. S&P went through all the stages of development of Data Collection techniques and our professionals can interfere in every stage of the project, help to identify the problems, give additional training to Investigators, and propose solution for eventually any problem you can encounter in Central and Eastern Europe.