Patients & Sites

Over 80% of all clinical trials miss their enrollment objectives. For an industry where every day and every dollar count, don't waste time and money with low enrolling sites. No matter what the specific indication, we are happy to provide accurate and up to date feasibility data and enrollment projections from our experienced and qualified network of investigators from across Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Sites in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) have more patients per site compared to North America and Western Europe. This translates into fewer sites needed which saves money and reduces the management issues associated with large numbers of sites.

SOURCE: PAREXEL Bio/Pharma R&D Statistical Sourcebook

It is hard to overestimate the importance of country and site selection for your clinical trial. Over our 16 years of experience, we have built an extensive network of Investigators, Opinion Leaders and Qualified Sites. We focus on optimizing the country and site selection to ensure that your specific needs are met whether your goals are quick patient enrollment or key opinion leader participation. Our experienced regulatory team has the relationships necessary to ensure quick clinical trial approval and site start up time.

The cost to start up a site and manage it are often relatively fixed regardless of the total number of patients enrolled. Compared to North America (NA) and Western Europe (WE), Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) has a relatively low percentage of sites with 0-1 patients. This saves money and increases the performance of the trial.

SOURCE: PAREXEL Bio/Pharma R&D Statistical Sourcebook